Individual plans

Whether you have recently found yourself without insurance or you are looking to

provide your own insurance as a sole proprietor, Crown Benefits can give you affordable options that provide access to the services you need.


Group plans

Today's group plans offer a wide range of flexibility and complexity. Nationally,

employers spend an average of over 7% of the total compensation package on health insurance benefits for their employees.


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We are the reigning experts of Benefits

Our experts insist on getting to know you and your employees so that we make recommendations that best fit your needs and budget.
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Your business operates year-round and your benefits should, too.

At Crown Benefits, we don't just show up when it's time to sign the papers on next year's plan. Working closely with your HR, staffing and payroll teams, we use our very own Client Care Process to make sure that your benefits plans match the changing needs of your business and keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing regulations and policies.


Our commitment to service is the heart of everything we do.